Our Services

Advantage Sterilizer Cleaning's cost effective autoclave cleaning service safely removes deposits and discoloration from chamber walls using the scrub and polish method. We clean all makes, models, and sizes.

Pricing for autoclave chamber cleanings is specific to the size of the chambers and the length of time between our services. We offer continuing service agreements at 3, 6, and 12 month terms to help insure that your sterilizers stay clean and to provide for greater discounts off the already economical pricing. Chamber cleaning prices include the sterilizer rack systems found inside the small and medium units. Roll-in carts used in larger units can also be cleaned for an additional charge.

Advantage Sterilizer Cleaning works with you to schedule cleaning times that are convenient for you and your staff. Autoclave cleanings can be scheduled during off hours and your team can still have access to autoclaves as we work systematically through the units. We can have an autoclave hot and ready to use at all times should the need arise while we are cleaning the other sterilizers in the area.

For more information and a free no obligation quote please call us at 1-877-810-1246, email us at sales@advantagesterilizer.com, or complete the information request form to the left and we will contact you directly.

Below are some of the Hospital Systems we proudly service:

  • Baptist Medical
  • BayCare Health System
  • Florida Hospitals
  • Hailfax
  • Memorial
  • Shands